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Space Weather Prediction Center

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SEC offices in Boulder, Colorado

Space Weather Prediction Center Employees

Position Name Phone
Director Thomas Berger 303-497-3311
Acting Deputy Director Brent Gordon 303-497-4468
Executive Officer Dianne Suess 303-497-3312
Program Coordinator William Murtagh 303-497-7492
Budget Analyst Rhonda Stewart 303-497-3113
Air Force William Frey 303-497-5694
NOAA Corps Paul Hemmick 303-497-3317
Administrative & Technical Support Branch
Branch Chief Tim Feickert 303-497-4885
Information Officer David Finelli 303-497-7409
  Chris Henson 303-497-4847
  David Ito 303-497-3994
  Bob Masten 303-497-5716
  Kathleen McKillen 303-497-3204
IT Architect / ISSO Christopher Ortiz 303-497-3930
Space Weather Services Branch
Branch Chief Brent Gordon 303-497-4468
Space Weather Forecast Office
Forecast Office Lead Bob Rutledge 303-497-3029
Lead Forecaster Christopher Balch 303-497-5693
  David Marshall 303-497-6530
  Garry Patterson 303-497-3473
  Larry Puga 303-497-5763
  Christopher Smith 303-497-6723
  Monty Spencer 303-497-6644
  Jeff Stankiewicz 303-497-5175
  Robert Steenburgh 303-497-5153
  Meghan Stockman 303-497-6817
  Ken Tegnell 303-497-5692
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Development & Transition Section
Section Lead Steve Hill 303-497-3283
  Mike Carpenter 303-497-4992
  Rob Craver 303-497-4997
  Marcus England 303-497-7422
Web Master Mike Husler 303-497-7087
  Chris Lauer 303-497-4853
  Ann Newman 303-497-5100
Research & Customer Requirements Section
Section Lead Rodney Viereck 303-497-7348
  Rashid Akmaev 303-497-3616
  Doug Biesecker 303-497-4474
  Mihail Codrescu 303-497-6763
Product Evaluation Terry Onsager 303-497-5713
  Vic Pizzo 303-497-6608
Chief Scientist Howard Singer 303-497-6959
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES)
  David Anderson 303-497-7754
  Michael Burek 303-497-5222
  Michele Cash 303-497-5608
  Tom DeFoor 303-497-7575
  Curt deKoning 303-497-4490
  Ratina Dodani 303-497-3277
  Tzu-Wei Fang 303-497-4844
  Kelvin Fedrick 303-497-3968
  Mariangel Fedrizzi 303-497-3833
CIRES Fellow Tim Fuller-Rowell 303-497-5764
  Richard Grubb 303-497-3284
  Jinwook Han 303-497-7348
  Jeff Jacobson 303-497-6117
  Jeff M. Johnson 303-497-6260
  Larisza Krista 303-497-3867
  Naomi Maruyama 303-497-4857
  Tomoko Matsuo 303-497-3448
  George Millward 303-497-6775
  Dustin Morgan 303-497-3039
  Catalin Negrea 303-497-6763
  Karen O'Loughlin 303-497-3937
  Jack Olsen 303-497-6763
  Alysha Reinard 303-497-4748
  David Stone 303-497-5045
  John Taylor 303-497-5712
  Houjun Wang 303-497-7736
  Fei Wu 303-497-4767
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