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Space Weather and Space Physics
Educational Sites

U.S. Government Sites

Goddard Space Flight Center: Education Programs and The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum

International and Commercial Sites (leaving U.S. Government web site)

Multimedia materials from Passport to Knowledge*
IPS Radio and Space Services, Australia*
The AstroAlert News Service*
- email list for Solar Activity/Auroras/Geophysical Phenomena

Educational Institutions (leaving U.S. Government web site)

Windows to the Universe* - University of Michigan
Rice University* - extensive links to educational resources
The Exploratorium: Auroras* -- Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco
Stanford Solar Center*

Asahi Aurora Classroom* -- Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska
Solar Week* -- Celebrating the Sun-Earth Connection in Your Classroom
Classroom Activities from Space Physics and Aeronomy of the American Geophysical Union*
CalSpace Space Weather* -- Educators & Public Information sites, Lockheed/UC Berkeley Center of Excellance

Space Weather: A Research Perspective* - National Research Council
Space Weather Center* -- Space Science Institute
Physics of the Aurora: Earth Systems* -- NCAR High Altitude Observatory and the COMET Program
The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere* -- Science Overviews of astronomy, physics, spaceflight and the Earth's magnetism

* Link to a non U.S. government site.