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New RPC Submissions

Models and data that are proposed for acceptance into the RPC are evaluated against standard yet flexible criteria. All models and data must demonstrate relevance to SWPC operations and reliable, valid, and usable output. To be accepted, the model or data must offer value to SWPC and to the customers that will exceed the cost to transition and operate the model or data stream. SWPC will provide general information about the data and models currently in operation and about SWPC's perceived future needs. In addition, prior to acceptance into the RPC, the model/data provider will, together with the SWPC staff, document the expected final product and, where applicable, the intermediate stages in the model development that will take place during the transition to operational use. The model/data provider will also provide a completed questionnaire that will allow SWPC to evaluate the models suitability for SWPC.

The final decision on acceptance or non-acceptance will be made by SWPC management based on recommendation from the RPC Team. Membership in the RPC Team is flexible but at a minimum includes representatives from the SWPC Systems, Operations, and Research Divisions. Team members may also come from organizations or institutions outside of SWPC. The basic acceptance requirements and anticipated stages of the RPC process are outlined in the RPC Process section.

RPC Questionnaire

This questionnaire is intended to begin the dialogue to determine how your model might fit into space weather operations at the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center. Please provide brief answers to the following questions:

  1. How do you anticipate the model will be used by the Space Weather Prediction Center?
    1. What specific products could your model provide?
    2. In what ways do these products improve upon what is currently available?
    3. How would these products be used within and outside SWPC?

  2. Describe the model capabilities.
    1. What calculations does it make?
    2. What information does it provide?
    3. What are the spatial and temporal domains and the resolution of its output?

  3. Data available to drive models are provided at the SWPC Web location: What data are needed to drive and to validate your model?

  4. What computer and networking resources (CPU usage, RAM, disk storage) does your model require?
    1. Is any specific architecture required?
    2. What programming language(s) does it use?

  5. What visualization tools and peripheral display hardware do you currently use?

  6. Briefly describe any improvements to your model that you anticipate will be tested within the RPC.

  7. Give references to publications or other documentation that describe your model results.

  8. Are there input conditions for which your model results are known to be invalid or have not been tested? (Missing or invalid input data values, extreme events, quiet times, growing divergences during long run times, smearing of unresolved interactions regions, etc)

  9. How modular is the coding for your model? Is each component documented?

  10. Roughly how long do you anticipate the prototyping process will take, including testing and documenting your model and training the SWPC staff to correctly run it and interpret its results?

  11. In what ways are you willing and able to help the RPC staff transition the model.

  12. Are you willing to grant full rights to SWPC to produce and to distribute the agreed upon operational output?