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Solar Forecasts, Reports, and other data from NOAA/SWPC

NOAA/SWPC's TODAY'S SPACE WEATHER page has a full disk GOES soft X-ray image, 3-day plots of GOES soft x-ray and particle fluxes and magnetic indices. NOAA/SWPC's Anonymous FTP Server has both older and current reports: e.g. Solar Region Reports or the Latest Solar Geophysical Data.

The following links lead one directly to the latest Solar and Geophysical FORECAST, ACTIVITY SUMMARY, solar REGION REPORT, solar EVENT LISTINGS, three day geomagnetic and FLARE PROBABILITIES by region, and ALERTS.

Recent Solar Images and other Data

Here is the SolarMonitor page

Solar Dynamic Observatory’s most recent images, SDO instrument descriptions and SDO’s home page

STEREO’s latest beacon images, current activity and energetic particle conditions and STEREO’s instrument and home page

Solarsoft's latest_events* from LMSAL with event identifications based on recent EUV and Soft X-ray imaging

Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) quick look browser, and home page at NASA/GFSC

Hinode’s latest images and home page

Raben Systems Inc., current solar active region locations* including projected farside locations and coded activity histories

NASA Goddard's Solar Data Analysis Center SDAC, recent Space and Ground-based Solar Images

SOHO's latest coronal and EUV disk images, and movies

Big Bear's Solar Observatory most recent images, daily Solar Activity Reports and home page*

Mauna Loa's latest white light coronal image, He-I 10830, full disk H-alpha are on their home page*

Mount Wilson's recent solar data* and the daily sunspot drawing*

GOES Soft X-Ray Plots: Last 2 months of 3-day GIF PLOTS

NOAA/SWPC's links to images at ADDITIONAL SITES

Observing Plans for Various Observatories and Programs

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) operations and plan

Max Millennium Program Observing Plans* and home page*

SOON Solar Patrol On Tape (SOONSPOT) Targeting information valid from 21:30 to 21:30 UT daily

Directory to Additional Solar Oriented Home Pages

(Also see links above to images at ADDITIONAL SITES)

SOONSPOT: Solar Optical Observing Network Solar Patrol On Tape

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* indicates link to non U.S. Government web site

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