2012 Space Weather Workshop Conference Schedule

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Tuesday, April 24

7:30 Registration    
8:30 Opening Remarks

Louis Uccellini

NOAA/ National Weather Service/ National Centers for Environmental Prediction
8:40 State of the Space Weather Prediction Center William Murtagh NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center
9:00 Solar Cycle 24 – How is it Progressing and Where is it Going? Douglas Biesecker NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center
9:20 Demonstration of the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) for Space Weather - R2O/O2R Capabilities Michelle Mainelli NOAA/ National Weather Service/ National Centers for Environmental Prediction
9:30 - 10:00 Space Weather Effects on Satellites - Chairs: Janet Green/ Terry Onsager
9:30 Satellite Meeting Overview Janet Green NOAA/NGDC
9:45 Radiation Effects on Satellites- A JPL Perspective Henry Garrett Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
10:00 - 10:20 Break  
10:20 SPACECAST: A new European Service to Forecast the High Energy Electron Flux in the Radiation Belts Richard Horne British Antarctic Survey
10:35 The Impact of Space Weather on Inmarsat Satellite Fleet Operations Mark Dickinson Inmarsat
10:50 Paradigm Concerns and Space Weather Brian Swinburne Paradigm
11:05 Profound Change of the Near-Earth Radiation Environment Caused by Solar Superstorms Yuri Shprits- Presented by Richard Horne UCLA
11:20 Satellite Roundtable Discussion    
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 - 3:00 Poster Session - Solar and Interplanetary Research and Applications  
2:45 - 3:00 Break    
3:00 - 5:00 Aviation and Space Weather - Chairs: Joseph Kunches/ Jennifer Meehan
3:00 Delta’s Hazard Avoidance Procedures & Use of Space Weather Information Tom Fahey and Gregg Scott Delta Airlines
3:15 Eurocontrol Space Weather Activities Emilien Robert Eurocontrol
3:30 Federal Aviation Administration Steve Albersheim FAA
3:45 Radiation Protection in Aviation: The Importance of Space Weather Matthias Meier German Aerospace Center (DLR)
4:00 Potential Space Weather Impacts and Needs for Commercial Space Operations in the Near Future Karen Shelton-Mur FAA
4:15 Aviation Roundtable Discussion    
5:00 End of Sessions    

Wednesday, April 25

8:30 - 10:00 Commercial Space Weather Interest Group Roundtable Session: Growing the Space Weather Enterprise

Keynote Speaker: 

Dr. Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., Vice President, Science Programs, CSC:

“Growing the Space Weather Enterprise: Improving Community Visibility”


Dr. Tamara L. Dickinson, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President: "Progress in Space Weather Policy"

Mr. Jon Turnipseed, Head of Safety, Virgin Galactic: "The Future of Space Tourism and Space Weather"

Moderator and Organizer:

Dr. Devrie Intriligator, Director, Space Plasma Laboratory, Carmel Research Center, Inc.



10:00 - 10:20 Break    
10:20 - 11:20 Agency Activities - Chair: Brent Gordon/ Bill Murtagh
10:20 National Weather Service Louis Uccellini NOAA/National Weather Service/ National Centers for Environmental Prediction
10:40 Air Force Weather Update Col. John Egentowich USAF
11:00 NASA Heliophysics Division Barbara Giles NASA
11:20 Space Weather Research at the National Science Foundation Richard Behnke National Science Foundation
11:40 NASA Space Radiation Analysis Group- Space Radiation Protection, Space Weather, and Exploration Kerry Lee NASA
12:00 Lunch    
1:00 - 3:00 Poster Session - General Research/ Operations and Magnetospheric Research and Applications
2:45 - 3:00 Break    
3:00 - 3:20 Decadal Survey- Chair: Howard Singer  
3:00 Space Weather and the Next Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey Daniel Baker University of Colorado
3:20 - 5:00 International Coordination of Space Weather Activities - Chairs: James Head

State Department Engagement with the International Space Weather Community

James Head U.S. State Department
3:40 Space Weather Impact on Critical Infrastructures: Activities at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre Elisabeth Krausmann European Commission, Joint Research Centre
4:00 Space Environment Support to NATO Space Situational Awareness: Advances by the NATO Research & Technology Organisation SCI-229 Task Group Mauro Messerotti INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Trieste
4:20 United Kingdom - Recent Space Weather Activities and Plans in the U.K. Mike Hapgood RAL Space - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
4:40 World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and International Space Environment Service (ISES) Activities Terry Onsager NOAA/ Space Weather Prediction Center
5:00 End of Sessions  
6:00 - 8:30

Reception and Dinner at UCAR:

Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Madhulika (Lika) Guhathakurta -

A One-World Response to the Growing Threat of Space Weather



Thursday, April 26

8:30 - 10:10 International Coordination of Space Weather Activities - Chair: Terry Onsager
8:30 Japanese Space Weather Activities and Asia Oceania Space Weather Alliance Shinichi Watari National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
8:50 Activities of the Korean Space Weather Center Jae-Hyung Lee Korean Space Weather Center
9:10 The Brazilian Space Weather Program - EMBRACE - Inauguration year. Joaquim E R Costa National Institute for Space Research (INPE)
9:30 Up-to-Date Cosmic Ray Applications for a SSA Satellite, for SWON, in ViSpaNet and for Fukushima Radiation Frank Jansen German Aerospace Center (DLR)
9:50 - 10:10 Break    
10:10 - 12:00 Space Weather Prediction Modeling - Chair: Howard Singer
10:10 Solar Active Longitude and Active Level Estimation Huaning Wang NAO, Chinese Academy of Sciences
10:30 WSA-Enlil in Operations at the National Weather Service: Experiences, Results and Developments George Millward NOAA/ Space Weather Prediction Center
10:50 The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Testbed Rodney Viereck NOAA/ Space Weather Prediction Center
11:10 Operational Dst from Real-Time Data Streams and Forecast Algorithms W. Kent Tobiska Space Environment Technologies SWD
11:30 Assessment of Ionosphere/Thermosphere Models in Low Solar Flux Conditions for the CCMC CEDAR Challenge Barbara A. Emery HAO/NCAR
12:00 Lunch    
1:00 - 3:00 Poster Session - Ionospheric Research
2:45 - 3:00 Break    
3:00 - 3:20 Transiting Science to Applications- Chair: Jeff Shoup
3:00 Lessons Learned from Successful Earth Science Research-to-Applications Efforts James Spann NASA
3:20 - 5:00 Geomagnetic Induced Currents - Chair: Chris Balch
3:20 North American Electric Reliability Corporation -Geomagnetic Disturbance Taskforce Mark Lauby North American Electric Reliability Corporation
3:40 U.S. Geological Survey Geomagnetism Program Product Status Carol Finn U.S. Geological Survey
4:00 Solar Shield Project - Updates and Future Challenges Antti Pulkkinen Catholic University of America at NASA/GSFC
4:20 Solar-Flare Induced Disturbances in the U.S. Electric Grid and their Economic Impact Sarah Mitchell Lockheed Martin
4:40 FEMA Federal Interagency Response Planning Donald Daigler FEMA
5:00 End of Sessions    
6:00 - 9:00

SWPC / Commercial Space Weather Interest Group/ACSWA  Dinner and Summit

(by invitation)

Friday, April 27

8:30 - 10:10 Modeling - Chair: George Millward
8:30 Modeling the Structure of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere using CORHEL Pete Riley Predictive Science, Inc.
8:50 The Air Force Data Assimilative Photospheric Flux Transport (ADAPT) Model Charles Arge Air Force Research Laboratory
9:10 A Solar Energetic Particle Event Model for WSA-ENLIL Janet Luhmann Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
9:30 Community Coordinated Modeling Center: Addressing Needs of Operational Space Weather Forecasting Masha Kuznetsova NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
9:50 Assessing Geospace Models for Use in Space Weather Operations Howard Singer NOAA/ Space Weather Prediction Center
10:10 - 10:40 Break    
10:40 - 11:40 Ionosphere Variability- Chair: Tim Fuller-Rowell
10:40 Measuring Ionospheric Irregularities Globally by the Rate of TEC Index and GNSS Networks Xiaoqing Pi NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11:00 3D Modeling of Equatorial Spread F Joe Huba Naval Research Lab
11:20 Data Assimilation at Multiple Spatial Scales Cathryn Mitchell Universtiy of Bath
11:40 - 12:00 Solar Cycle - Chair: Douglas Biesecker    
11:40 The International Sunspot Index: Past, Present and Future Frederic Clette SIDC - Solar Influences Data Analysis Center
12:00 End of Conference
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