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POES Product Transition

POES data and products produced by SWPC are being replaced by improved products at SWPC or have been migrated to the NGDC (National G eophysical Data Center). The replacement products are not identical in format or content to the historical products and may require users to adjust their data and product processing and usage appropriately. In order to facilitate SWPC customers' transition to the new products, we are providing the list of links to the new products below. The current SWPC POES system will be permanently retired at 00UT on January 1, 2015.

The auroral oval and hemispheric power data are generated by the 30-Minute Auroral Forecast model running at SWPC's new website. The main page provides maps depicting estimates of the auroral oval over each pole. The maps can be animated to provide a loop of the past 24 hours. In addition, the following products are available for direct download:

Auroral data in grid format for both hemispheres: latest text file
Hemispheric Power data is available in ASCII format: latest HPI
The latest Northern and Southern Hemisphere images (with static file names) are available: Northern, Southern
The image frames comprising the Northern and Southern hemisphere loops (with time-tagged file names) are available: Northern, Southern

NGDC now produces radiation belt products including observed POES data (raw counts and calibrated fluxes) along with belt indi ces.

We are very interested in customer feedback on this transition. Please provide your comments to via the Contact Us page on our new site. Be sure to select "POES Transition" in the subject line.