Real-time US-Total Electron Content: Vertical and Slant

Presented by the NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center

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2014 Nov 28 2000 - 2015 UTC
Difference from 10 day average indicating recent trend
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Updated: 2014 Nov 28 2027 UTC     Data from a total of 56  real-time GPS stations from the CORS , GPS/Met, and IGS networks are used for these calculations.

US-TEC provides vertical TEC and slant path values of the line-of-sight electron content to the GPS satellites in view at the time. Note that TEC values in regions outside of the CONUS have no data and should be treated with caution. This ionospheric product is designed to estimate the signal delay for single and dual frequency GPS applications. US-TEC products are provided for today and yesterday, prior to yesterday please go to NGDC.

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